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Frequently Asked Questions

Can each cake tier or each dozen items I order be a different flavor?

Yes! And there is no extra cost.

How far in advance does someone need to book?

Weddings can book up to a year in advance, while smaller orders are usually booked a month prior. However - always ask if I have any spots open. Sometimes I even have last minute openings, too.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is $100 non-refundable to save your date. Then payment isn't due til the week before your wedding date. 

Which frostings do you offer?

I offer Swiss Meringue and American Buttercream frosting for tiered and decorated cakes. These are the best for me and the Oklahoma weather.

What if I don't see a certain flavor or want a dessert that's not on your menu? Can you make it?

It depends on what you want. I'm always adding new flavors and am up for new desserts! I've done many desserts that aren't on my menu for customers. Just ask!

Do you charge a delivery fee?

If you spend $300 or more you get free delivery, set up, and tasting; however, if it is less than $300 then there could be a delivery fee. 



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